If you research how a golf ball is made

If you research how a golf ball is made

We all know golf is a very lucrative business. Be honest, wouldn't you like just a tiny portion of the money Nike or Titleist spends on research and development to ensure the latest technology is employed in clubs and balls for better tee, fairway and green shots| We may not have the resources of Nike or Titleist but the end result is a better golf ball whether it is a new or used golf ball. This research enables golfers to score better which after all is the object. But what good is a new improved product developed by research if you don't have an advertising budget to promote it.

It is probably not uncommon to see ourselves as better at golf than we really are. Like daydreaming that making an upcoming putt will guarantee a Master's win. But the best equipment, the most expensive clubs won't make up for basic flaws in your game. The same with top of the line golf balls. You can get quality used golf balls that are top notch.
Even top flight golfers can have their moments and keeping with a movie analogy Tin Cup comes to mind where ego gets the better of common sense. So why not select equipment that matches your skill level? Some will require top of the line balls and clubs but even more of us can do well with used golf balls and equipment

The benefits of this are saving money, primarily. And the money saved could buy more equipment, a day at a different course or whatever you choose . It used to be you could buy used golf balls from some kid who found them after everyone had gone home for the day and needed a little spending money. Today's used golf balls are graded for consistency. And the product is all one brand and style of ball, unless you opt for a mix. The best test of course would be a side by side comparison between new and used golf balls.

If you research how a golf ball is made, your choices may be made easier. The ball has a hard core then layers added. These balls are classified as 2, 3 and multilayered. The 2 layer balls are best for distance but you sacrifice control. The 3 layer balls give you better control for better placement. The multilayer ball will give you a little of both. Much is dependent of the material used and the construction method.

There are choices to suit your game and style of play. Now let's complicate things by adding compression used on the core. One of those choices is the compression added to the core, graded as 80, 90 and a 100. 90 is the most common compression. The 80 ball will act like a trampoline and give more resilience and spring back when struck. The 100 is for greater distance with a fast club head speed and the 90 lies somewhere in between.

You also should consider the dimple design . Dimples on a golf ball help reduce drag, so the more dimple the less drag and hopefully more distance. But more dimples also equates to more hooks or slices.

Hopefully this little primer will help you understand how you can choose golf equipment. Only you know your style of golf and how you want to play. A grade A used Titleist golf ball might be the perfect ball for your style of play. This brand name ball, like other brand names is a quality item. And some used brand name golf balls will play like new. You can buy these balls in bulk at discounted prices. Why not save money that you can use for other things.

Something else to consider for discounted golf balls are factory seconds on corporate logo golf balls. For the most part high quality balls like Titleist are imprinted with a corporate logo. A minimum order is often required for these balls. What happens is during the imprinting a flaw will make the logo illegible. This of course is unacceptable to the company ordering the balls. Consequently these seconds are sold at huge discounts and they haven't even been used.

If you ever watch other golfers on the course you will see a variety of skill levels. You will notice those with very expensive equipment but have average golfing skills. You could possibly see someone with great skills golfing with used golf balls, be it corporate logo seconds or Grade A balls. Playing with good used golf balls will save you money that can be spent on game improving items.


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